Etna adventure Adventure invites you to discover the wild and uncontaminated nature of Europe's highest volcano. Mt. Etna, a unique and special volcano, rich in sights and places of extraordinary beauty, is an ideal ground where to practice outdoor disciplines in total harmony with the environment..

Our Team, composed by Environmental and Excursionistic Guides, Alpine Guides, canyoning guides and experienced speleologists, is able to meet the expectations of the always increasing number of persons who would like to get to know Mt. Etna afar from the mass-tourism routes, as well as to practice exciting outdoor activities in all safety, provided with all the necessary technical equipment and escorted by competent and experienced "personal guides".

Through our "personal guide" formula, and preferring small rather than large groups, we are in position to offer a high-quality escort service, thus fulfilling the expectations of both the sightseer and the experienced lover of an outdoor discipline.

We do not require a minimum number of participants; furthermore, all the suggested activities may be entirely customised upon request.


CANYONING Walking along beautiful canyons, a world made of rock and crystal-clear water, with exciting abseils, water slides, dives and swims.

CAVING An underground journey inside the volcano, within fascinating volcanic caves: the only place in Europe where you can explore the vents of ancient extinct craters.

TREKKING Unusual routes, in order to get to know in a different and unique way the most beautiful, uncontaminated and exciting places on Europe's highest volcano.

4WD TOURS Exciting stop-and-go itineraries, aboard comfortable four-wheel-drive vehicles (Land Rover Discovery), in order to reach easily, by short hikes, Mt. Etna's most interesting and representative sites.

WINTER EXCURSIONS during the winter season, when a thick blanket of snow covers the black slopes of the volcano, you may use snowshoes, cross-country skis or ski-touring skis to get to know Mt. Etna in a different and fascinating way.

MULTISPORT If your desire for exploration and adventure on the volcano is not satisfied with just one of our outdoor activities, then you are ready to try our multisport activities, a perfect combination of our best offering, designed over one or more days to let you experience Europe's highest volcano in an absolutely unique way.